Thursday, February 25, 2010

After Pune Blast

One shocking news for all, almost for all. But neither I or else are bothered more than what we saw and thought about the whole episode coverage in news channels about the pune blast case in recent times. I'm not in pune, so what, it can come to anyplace and anybody can become victim of it. Another piece of news will be produced and people who are living in different parts of country will show their sympathy over any such blast with victims and their family and friend. Then what? a silence. Is this a question in front of all that we need to create some noise inplace of silence in this regard. Even noise can fetch some attention from somewhere. Discision is ours if we have to live in fear and negligence of currupt political framework responsible for all this. Because security and safety of people is the sole responsibility of government  of any democratic country.

Atleast 9 terrorist incidents/attacks where bomb blast was main way of carrying out their operation had happened in Mumbai and Pune after 12 march 1993. In last 3-4 years there are several such incidents had taken place in small cities in India like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad. I also dont want to focus on why such incidents are happening and what could be the motive after such attacks but simply I want to put forward a question that why are we so vulnerable? And why are not such attacks fails?

Every time we saw such an incident arround us, we pray and left ourselves in a state where we found our hands in our ass only. We dont speak or we dont want to speak. Both state of any individual shows his/her acceptance for security lapses and govermenal neglect. It is our right to speak and this is the time to speak about why any such terrorist attacks happen on any part of India? Why government is not making stateforward statements, if they know this is the agency or group behind this incident and we are goingt to take action against it. In stead of that always I found political representatives to play with words and indulge in active blame game. Im pretty much clear about if Pakistan is behind all such attacks then it must have branches of its core in India as well. Because it is not visibly/logically possible to put such plan in action without any internal help.
Last time after the pune blast next day I heard Chidambaram stating on a question, whether it was an intellegence failure or not? He clearly said, "No, its not. It is an insidious attack not like the one which we had on 26/11 in mumbai where 3-4 terrorists appeared with arms and started firing over innocent people.
I would say to Mr. Chidamabarm, though pune blast was an insidious attack but where does it matter if some attack is insiduous or not. If sombody loaded with an AK/47/57 or any automatic gun, and started firing at any public place in India, he can kill atleast 10-20 people in a go. So rather accepting that it was a conspicuous  intellegence failure  he was unwantedly putting some lame execuse after having the supreme post in the home ministry.
Security from any such organisation or group, who is involved in terrorist activites in India, whether it is internal or supported by external agencies outside India, it is our right and we need to speak up independently rather then showing false notion of 'mumbai sprit' thats what I saw after the 26/11 in mumbai and pune.  Today if we are ready to make some noise then definitely some day in near future it will become a strong voice Otherwise I may escape from such incident all the time but now all of us. It is going to happen any point of time and any place and we are going to be victim of it.


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