Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BJP and Pro-BJP, Congress and Pro-congress, or pro-development

Is it possible if somebody is pro-BJP then he/she could also be pro-Congress or some other party which is not ally to the congress? Does BJP match with hindutwa idelogy or Hindu Rashtra completely? and Congress opposes the same idea of Hinduism. Are they ( Congress ) scientific minds? Guarantor of  new  modern and progressive India. or Who can care about so called minorities? Minorities, Hindu-Muslim-Cristian-Parsis-Tribals-Jats-Jains-Gorkhas-SCs-STs.
if BJP talks about development and make it an agenda for last legislative assembly then congress also talks about the development with their own perspective but opposes BJP. This happened with both parties at same time. But if it is the democracy and lets assume the definition of development is same then how both parties can strech people along different directions to propose the idea of development which is not happening from last 60 years.
Either BJP or Congress or any other party, India still facing the bad time on political front. We as people are manupulated over certain issues many a times and again and again. We, who represents democracy, we represent parties.


Parijat Shukla said...

I guess both parties exist in different solar systems but in the same galaxy.

That's why both talk of their own ideas(only they talk, and never act) of development and expect people of this country to understand what they are talking.

And I believe, they are always going to do like this as they think that if they do not oppose the other part, then their very existence shall be questioned.
So, I believe whenever both talk of their own idea of development or progress, they are actually alluding at pro-opposition philosophy.

"$Democracy ~ difference of opinion"

Pradeep said...

my question would be like if solar system is more more important or the galaxy?

Parijat Shukla said...

well your question is valid, but i guess slightly off the track.
galaxy and solar system are both important.
What i really mean is that they both want to live in different world and want to avoid such serious questions which trouble them. As development and progress is in not their agenda. Even, their could be few people in both camps who are really interested in such thought, but majority of them have their own agenda and motives.
Sometimes, I think people do not join Indian politics, but they actually join indian political "industry", and are seeking employment, switching parties(read companies) at will and for profit and career 'pro'gress.

Pradeep said...

Seems You are pointing in the direction which I tried to put some light on...I do believe that parties can defend their agenda of development in someways or other but they can say a single word for the areas which are deprive of any notion of development from last 60 years. Now I also believe that each party represented by people who are responsible for different idelogies but still basic needs remain the same.
I dont think so that people who you are talkiin about those who are working in "political industry" can run for long. It has to change..and It will.

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